Why Should You Choose Us ?

We provide our best home security system based on our client's demands and requests. A full inspection of the premises to ensure safety and protection of the property, persons while security is on duty. Best Security system for home security and executive protection services. Focus on small details in providing our security services in order to enhance and furnish the best service ever. care about our security officer’s conduct, appearance, and neatness. Conduct a background check on each one of our officers then we provide our officers the advanced training they will need to perform the tasks. All officers must pass the training curriculum of the Nevada PILB (Private Investigators Licensing Board). Armed security officers receive extra classes in firearms and training due to the seriousness of their position. All security guards are supervise by our professional management team, and the CEO oversees the conduct of all security officers, supervisors, and management team members. The CEO is available 24/7 for our clients, and our client’s customers for any complaints or comments for providing Best Security system for home security and executive protection services. Pharaoh security have the Guard Tour System to ensure that our officers conduct their required patrol activities on time. The team supervisors immediately go to a property if they notice on the Guard Tour System that the security officer has stopped conducting his/her foot patrol, or activities. This is in addition to supervisors own routine inspections and on-site supervision of the  staff. Our experienced security team provides 24/7 reports to our clients. They we will notify the clients of any suspicious, unusual activities, as well how they were resolved. The prices are affordable and competitive. Feel free to contact for best home security system on office timing 9:00AM To 5PM (Monday to Saturday).